March 2016

  1. Cate's bra fitting experience

    Cate's bra fitting experience

    I love my job! I’m like a kid in a lingerie shop. However, there’s one thing I dread. Every week the owner of the boutique, out of sheer kindness, offers to measure me and check that I’m wearing a bra that’s the right size (and shape)! What she doesn’t realise is that I haven’t been fitted for a bra since I was a teenager. Back then I was a 36A and things have changed a bit since then.

    Well, today’s the day!

    It was a bit of a revelation to me. So, here are my top tips for finding a good fitting bra.

    Firstly, you should get measured twice a year. Every year! The effects of things such as weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, hormones and gravity mean that our breasts are constantly evolving and we need to keep up.

    Secondly, there’s such a thing as bra etiquette! Who knew? I’m sure you all know, but just in case…. A good fitting bra keeps your shoulders back and your boobs up and in place. No more back aches (and in some cases, tension headaches) and we say NO to pendulous breasts and wardrobe malfunctions.

    Dependent on your size and shape you will probably be more suited to a plunge, a balconette or a full cup bra. Smaller ladies, like myself, look great in a plunge or balconette, as these maximise our assets. If you fit a larger cup (you lucky things) a full cup will keep everything in, so it doesn’t spill over and you feel secure and are well-shaped.

    If you are unsure which style suits you best, ask the person fitting you for advice. Try the different styles next to each other, as there can be a massive difference.

    Also, wear a vest top or a fitted outfit made of thin material when you get measured, so you can see how the bra fits your contours.

    How do you know if a bra fits well?

    1. Get measured. If, like me, you’re in between sizes, you should always go smaller. Due to their nature, like jeans, bras will stretch over time and you don’t want them to be saggy or baggy.

    2. Choose the right shape for your breasts. Smaller - plunge/balconette. Larger - full cup.

    3. The central band should sit flat in the middle when you put the bra on.

    4. The underband should lie flat against the torso.

    5. The breast tissue needs to be encased. Ignore any back or side fat and don’t take that into account when getting measured.

    6. There should be no gape in the cups. They should be filled, but not over spilling (unless you are in the bedroom and trying to impress the b/f, but even then you will look more like a keeper in a bra that fits).

    7. A new bra should be fastened on the first notch and you should be able to do the Finger Test.

    8. What's the Finger Test? You should only be able to get one or two fingers under the bra at the back. If the bra is too loose you will not receive the support you require.

    9. The straps should be halfway up the back and the back of the bra should not ride up. This world can drag you down, you don’t need a bra that does the same.

    10. Once the bra is on, the breasts should look perky and uplifted, even under clothes. Your breasts should never point forward or down. Ok, boobs, you heard the lady!

    Having been measured, what’s the outcome? 5 minutes ago I was a 36A with gapage (is that a word), now I’m a 34C and perky as can be!

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