May 2017

  1. Best Prima Donna Deauville Bra

    For this month’s blog, we’ve got a story about one of your favourites – Prima Donna’s Deauville bra.

    It’s one of Prima Donna’s best-selling bras around the world and it’s full-cup, un-moulded bra, with fantastic wired support, encapsulates the brand’s values at it’s best.

    Some of you clever clients have noticed that there is a difference in the bra. We caught up with Evelyn Verstraeten, Head of Global PR at Van de Velde, the makers of Prima Donna to find out what has changed and why.

    Gabriella Sandham: “The label on the Deauville bra looks different – when did it change and why?”

    Evelyn Verstraten:
    In July 2016 we launched the updated version of the Prima Donna Deauville and Madison bra. As you know, these are our most popular lines and they sell globally. Thanks to our international stockists, retailers and the growth of e-commerce, we’re reaching more women, from even more countries.

    International legal requirements
    We had to change the label as different countries have different legal requirements. International sizing is different, so we needed to make sure women had the right fitting measurements. Some countries require us as manufacturers to list all the materials on the label, so obviously we had to change it.

    A light makeover for the label
    We saw the necessary changes as an opportunity to give the labels a makeover too, to keep in line with our global brand identity, to make them a little more elegant, luxurious and contemporary.

    So if you purchase a bra which doesn’t have the new label, you’ll know it is stock which dates back to before July 2016.

    Q: The straps on the bra have changed – is this part of the styling update?

    Evelyn Verstraeten: Exactly! We’re always looking at ways of improving our lingerie for our customers. The slightly slimmer straps were a response to a more contemporary feel to Deauville. They’re still as comfortable and modern textile development means that they give as much support as the previous model’s. Our designers have created straps which are exquisite, with luxurious touches of lace and trim.

    We understand that Deauville has a loyal following – as has our other range, Madison – so we’ve not changed the core of it. It’s still just as comfortable and beautiful as ever!

    GS: Thank you for your time

    EV: Thank you for the article and to our loyal customers
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