November 2021

  1. Underwear Care

    Underwear Care

    When you’ve treated yourself to some delicious lingerie it makes sense to spend time treating it with the respect it deserves. So here are some tips.

    Ever since women have worn underwear designed especially for their shape, they have taken great care to hand wash and line dry their undergarments. Bras and Basque were expensive for middle- and working-class women to buy so they needed them to last. Although we now have the convenience of washing machines, it still makes sense to handwash our bras and knickers for the best results. If you do use a washing machine, make sure you choose a delicate wash cycle and perfume-free washing detergent. Do up the hook and eyes and better still, place into a delicate bag. If you don’t have one of these, simply use a pillowcase. Regardless, also check the label before washing.

    It is recommended that you should not wear a bra for more than three days in a row as this can cause the fibres to stretch and lose shape. Washing helps to keep the bra fitting well.

    When storing your bras, we recommend you store them in a drawer where it’s possible to lay them flat as folding them in half can damage the cups. This is especially important if the bra has underwiring or moulding as twisting the cups into each other can mean the bra loses its shape. Lay several bras on top of each other, with cups carefully aligned or pop a pair of socks or knickers inside each cup. Unpadded silk or lace bras should be folded inside out to prevent snagging.

    Should you require any additional information on caring for your lingerie, don't hesitate to contact on 0207 223 5558 or email us: [email protected].

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