With the increasing focus on the effect we are having on the earth, emphasised by programmes like Blue Planet, it’s clear that consumers and companies must do their bit to help. And with the devastating impact our activities are having on the oceans, it’s appropriate that some swimwear brands are turning their attention to using more environmentally friendly fabrics to make the garments that we wear to go into the sea.

Australia’s top swimwear brand, Seafolly is doing its bit and has introduced several styles made entirely from ‘upcycled’ consumer products, creating a more environmentally sustainable product without compromising on quality. The Seafolly Water Garden Retro Bikini Pants and Water Garden Halter-neck Bikini Top are prime examples. The fabric composition is made from MIPAN® regen™ recycled nylon fibres created from pre-consumer waste. Famous for its eco-friendly bi-products, the MIPAN® regen™ fibres help to conserve our natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce waste to landfill.

As the producers of mastectomy bras and swimwear for women who have experienced the life-changing effects of cancer, Amoena is obviously focussed on caring for its customers. But the brand also cares for the environment and ensures that all its breast prostheses are coated with elastic polyurethane film and that the film remnants left behind after the process are recycled. The company’s recycling rate is currently at more than 95%. Amoena is also creating some of its products, such as the Buenos Aires swimwear collection, from a product called ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

The regeneration system begins by rescuing waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic from landfill and the ocean. This is sorted and cleaned and then recycled back to its original purity, which means that ECONYL® is exactly the same as virgin nylon. Amoena carefully selects the perfect styles that can be created using this fabric, as well as ensuring it is resistant to chlorine and suntan creams. Ultimately you can be sure that you are wearing a beautifully designed and comfortable garment and helping our planet!