1. Swimsuits vs bikinis–which will you choose?

    Swimsuits vs bikinis–which will you choose?

    Since the bikini was popularised in the 1950s, it’s been a favourite item of swimwear particularly amongst the beautiful beach babes. But how popular has the bikini been in 2022?

    According to The Guardian newspaper, sales of one-pieces are currently overtaking the bikini and one brand reports sales currently show a 60%/40% split. Social media has also noted a rise in popularity of the swimsuit, with ‘saves’ on Pinterest up by 132%, year-on-year.

    One for all

    No one really knows why sales of the one-piece have overtaken the bikini but there appears there are some who have tired of being snapped and displayed on social media wearing overtly sexy swimwear. There also a theory that, as exercise has become increasingly important in people’s lives, the one-piece lends itself more to a streamlined swimming experience.

    There are always those who prefer to wear slimming rather than sexy beachwear and would naturally choose a one-piece to provide a little more cover. Plus, there’s the flexibility of knowing that your swimsuit can double up as a top worn with trousers or a long skirt to easily take you from beach to bar.

    The bottom line

    Bikinis are popular with those who like to mix and match different designs to express their individuality. Swapping tops and bottoms mean you can create different looks on different days. Plus, buying each piece separately mean those with a more pear-shaped body or fuller bust size can more easily choose individual pieces in the best sizes to fit your shape.

    Many brands are designing more retro-style bikinis with high-waisted briefs and long-line tops, which really flatter the curvy female shape.

    Selling points

    From a retailer’s point of view, the one-piece is an easier sell, because with separates you may sell out of a particular design of bikini top, which means you then need to reduce the price of the matching bottoms.

    Whichever is your preference, the good news is that increasing numbers of brands are producing their ranges from recycled material meaning that, whichever style you prefer, you can treat yourself knowing you are having less impact on our planet!

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  2. The Winner Of Our Spring 2022 Swimwear Competition.

    The Winner Of Our Spring 2022 Swimwear Competition.

    Thanks for all the entries submitted as always they were great. The winner for this year Seafolly Swimwear Competition is Ms G Jackson from Woburn. Please find enclosed her articles, it does puts a smile on your face.

    Our post-Covid holiday

    One year later than planned, we were off to Cornwall to celebrate my husband’s “big” birthday. Judging by the amount of booze given priority boarding in the car, what celebrations they would be. Seven days of fun, togetherness and Cornish weather!

    The boys enjoyed their mackerel fishing trip, even if the rain and choppy seas meant the fish went AWOL. The mackerel we barbequed later, bought at the fishmongers, tasted just as sweet.

    It mattered not that the girls’ “boat trip” across the estuary lasted barely long enough to park our bottoms, so strong were the prevailing winds. It gave us more time to party at the other side.

    If Covid taught us anything, it’s that life is too short to wait for the wind and rain to stop. Our long- awaited holiday reminded us just how wonderful “normal” life is. The pile of empty wine bottles bore testimony to this.

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