Lace has been considered the epitome of elegance since it was created by hand in the 16th century. And, in 2017, the fashion world has seen a fresh revival of this decorative openwork in dresses, blouses and even trousers.

In the best lingerie in the world, lace, and especially Leavers lace, has always played a special part in creating elegant and glamorous items. Top lingerie brands, such as Chantelle in France and Marie Jo in Belgium, favour Leavers lace for its quality, durability and beauty.

Leavers lace is machine-made and is named after the developer of the machine on which it is created. John Leaver of Nottingham adapted a lace-making machine that was invented in the early 1800s.

It is believed the British government banned the export of these machines to preserve industrial secrets but, 1816, workers from Nottingham smuggled pieces of the Leavers machine to France. Here the machine was further adapted by Joseph-Marie Jacquard, which enabled the production of the beautiful patterned lace we see in luxury lingerie today.

Lingerie such as that designed by Chantelle, which includes the gorgeous Présage Push-up Bra and the Présage Waist Clincher, which feature prominently on my website, are prime examples of how beautiful and versatile this material can be.

This range and others from the luxury French brand show that it’s possible to create innumerable stunning designs with Leavers lacework – bold florals, delicate scalloped edging, glamorous 1920’s inspired patterning – in fact any design a lace lover desires. And although Leavers lace looks as delicate as a spider’s web, it is in fact strong and long-lasting, making this lace an eternal favourite for the top-quality underwear found on