Vive La Revolution!

In 1968, student took to the streets of Paris in droves to protect against traditional institutions, values and order. In the midst of these turbulent times, fashion changed dramatically, with boys wanting to wear jeans and other casual clothes. Alongside this, another less obvious revolution was taking place that was in the world of men's underwear.
As far back as that , French brand leader HOM was at the forefront of developing what can best be described as 'lingerie for men'

Today HOM's underwear has a reputation of being both stylish and quirky but always masculine. HOM products have a distinctive look , design, shape and quality, and often come in extremely vibrant colours. Moreover, they are renowned for being very comfortable to wear. If your a metro-sexual or traditional man who is looking for a new brand of underwear, HOM may just be what you are looking for. And if your are unsure about the best type of underwear for your body shape, Gabriella Sandham and her team is here 6 days of the week for you to speak with.

Over the years, the brand has diversified into having a number of styles under the overall HOM umbrella, to cater specifically for the individual lifestyles of modern men. For instance, there's the dedicated designer sporty underwear range HOM Sport and then there's the subtly elegant HOM Business style.
And perhaps the most colourful of all, the Drogba & Co style that sometime use bold geometric motifs as part of it fabric design.

If it's your love one's birthday or you want to spoil yourself, perhaps you might consider buying something from the HOM Temptation range. These garments are unashamedly sexy and have been known to be powerful aids to seduction!

Gabriella Sandham stocks not only briefs, hipsters and boxers from all the ranges mentioned above but also Strings and Pyjamas. Hom is an innovative brand that never stand still and no doubt other new, exciting products are in the pipeline. Long may the revolution continue!