As winter approaches and temperatures plummet, lots of us are dreading the onset of the coldest season. But not everyone! Each year, at about this time, more and more Uk citizens dream of getting away from it all over the holiday period, preferably somewhere warm where they can relax by a pool or on the beach. If you're one of the lucky ones who is soon to jet off to some tropical paradise, then chances are you're going to need some new swimwear to make your holiday complete.

Gabriella Sandham stocks a wide range of swimsuits for women by brand names such as Prima Donna, Chantelle, Liz Hurley, Seafolly, Aqua Sphere and Pour Moi. These includes underwired swimsuits, both padded and unpadded, for bigger bust ladies, whilst for women who are concerned about their tummy, torso and waist, we have a selection of slimming swimsuits that slims and firms these problem areas. And for women who have undergone a mastectomy, we stock a range of pocketed swimwear by Amoena for use with either one or two waterproof breast forms. Amoena breast forms can also be used in other ranges of pocketed swimwear.

Our men's swimwear includes both boxers and swim shorts. For fit and styling, we would recommend the French swimwear brand Hom, whilst if you're planning on turning heads by looking sexy, there's Latin Brand Mundo Unico. A work of caution,though: you're not allowed to wear either long boxers or Bermudas in European hotels or spas, so make sure you always have a pair of swim shorts in your travel bag.

For kids, we have swimsuits and bikinis for kid from age 2 up to 12 by Boobs & Bloomers for Kids and Liz Hurley Kids Swimwear. And don't forget that we also stock goggles, nose clips, ear plugs and swim caps so you will be able to enjoy your poolside holiday to the max.

If you've splashed out on some great swimwear for yourself, it's important to look after it properly so it retains its shape and continues to look good for as long as possible. Always rinse your swimwear in cold water after each use and then line dry. Never wash swimwear in a machine and never tumble dry. Also, most swimwear is made mostly from Lycra which tends to lose elasticity after being expose to salt water and chlorine. So, once your swimwear is worn out, throw it away. It's never nice to be at the pool,spa, or beach and see someone in a loose-fitting or worn-out swimwear. Look at it this way: you don't want to be that person who has an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in full view of all the other holidaymakers!

Happy Holidays!

If you would like to be measured and fitted for your Swimsuits or Bikinis, you can booked an appointment at our South London Boutique. 0207 223 5558