One of the things that's kept me going through these times is you, my  lovely customers. I have been so touched by your loyalty and warmth, the kind messages and the catch-ups we've had when the shop was open.

That's why I've decided to give away one Andres Sarda Rock Plunge bra OR Prima Donna Deauville bra for FREE to say thank you

For those who entered our competition the beginning of February, by writing in or emailing us about how you've coped during the last year, and how love has helped. Self-love, making up with a sibling, or tying the knot. Thank all for your article's, they are really good. Sadly we can only have one winner

Gill from Milton Keynes is our winner! her piece is a great read, Please find enclosed her article:

Love isn’t just about hugs and kisses. That’s fortunate, because in the past year, we have all been affected by the social distancing measures which have kept us apart from those we love. In our family, as in many others, milestone birthdays and anniversaries have been missed, weddings postponed and funerals made comfortless.

Love is so much more than hugs and kisses. Love is imagination and thoughtfulness. Waking up to find our garden festooned with balloons, banners and messages of love, decorated covertly under the cover of darkness by our big “kids”, who wanted their dad to know that although he might be deprived of big bear hugs on his 60th birthday, they really loved him.

Love is about being inventive. A “boot party” in the supermarket car park to celebrate our son’s 30th, just before lockdown. No restaurant celebrations allowed but we could meet outdoors. Parking adjacently with umbrellas up, we toasted his special day with fizz in plastic glasses while he opened his gifts. He said it had been one of his favourite birthdays.

And Christmas in lockdown was the biggest test of our love. When we were most craving hugs and kisses, we had to make do with ‘Zoom’. We survived, forcing laughter and gaiety, promising each other the “biggest party ever” when good times return.

And they will – we will hug and kiss again – but behind the show of affection, we know there is a more profound love which kept us going in these most difficult times.