There's nothing better than heading out of a noisy, hot, gritty city and to the clean, fresh air of a beach on a summer's day. Blue skies, golden sands and a glorious array of bright colours-the beach is a tonic for the most jaded of souls. So it makes sense that your beachwear should brighten your mood as well,and that's exactly what the wonderful designs from Australian company Seafolly does.

Seafolly started in 1975 and up until recently was still run by the same family. Seafolly beachwear takes the passion for life and the vibrancy of the Australian lifestyle and packs it up for us ladies, shipping us a little of that Aussie sunshine.

Exceptional design and quality
Beachwear often has a reputation for being poor quality, even when you're paying over the odds. That's definitely not the case with Seafolly beachwear. They've worked hard to build a reputation for producing some of the best quality swimwear and beachwear on the market - and all at an affordable price.

I can stand testament to that too - i bought my first Seafolly swimsuit back in my twenties and only parted with it ( very reluctantly!) a few months ago.My gorgeous Seafolly swimsuit stayed with me for over 10 years and, if i'm honest, probably had a couple of years of life left in it when i reluctantly let it go. However, times change and so do fashions, so I've treated myself to something new from their fabulous range of Seafolly swimsuits.

What makes them so good?
If there's one thing you want on the beach, it's a flattering swimsuit. From bikinis to one piece suits, halternecks, triangles, bandeaus or tank tops, Seafolly has a design to suit you, whatever your body shape. They're fabulously flattering or as delightfully daring as you want to go, so whether you're on Cornwall or San Tropez beaches, you know you're going to look great.

If you're slightly under-endowed then the cup padding will give you a smoother, fuller outline and more feminine curves. If you prefer to keep your assets to yourself then that padding can also be removed - it's entirely your choice. Seafolly swimwear suits almost anybody shapes, and can accommodate larger ladies up to and including an F cup.

Getting active on the beach
Water sports are part of any beach holiday, unless like me you're committed to spending as much time as possible on your sun lounger,and prefer to leave all that splashing about to others! But if you are the sort who gets off the sun lounger occasionally and heads to the ocean then Seafolly's range of Active swimwear is just right. Sporty, bold and designed specifically for those prepared to do a little more in the way of physical exertion, they're supple and all-day comfortable. For us lounge lovers though, a triangle bikini or silky-smooth one piece suit is perfect for laying back, sipping a Pina Colada, and working on your tan.

Valve for money
Top quality beachwear like Seafolly usually comes with a premium price tag. However, Seafolly swimwear is designed to be affordable and represents great value for money. The fact that it lasts and lasts means you really get your money's worth out of every piece, and the timeless design and classic cuts mean they last for more than one season.

I love Seafolly swimwear, and think it's have some of the very best selections for women swimming costume or bikinis an absolute essential for any holiday, so make sure you pack one in your suitcase before you head off to the beach!

So Ladies you can now buy Seafolly swimwear on our online store or visit our South London Boutique