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    Looking for luxury Lingerie and Swimwear:

    Gabriella Sandham is a luxury lingerie and swimwear shop in South West London, which caters for discerning customers who love beautiful Lingerie and Swimwear. The shop opened in 2006 and, in the intervening years, has developed a comprehensive website, making it the best online shop in the whole area.

    Global brands:

    From the beginning, Gabriella Sandham Lingerie and Swimwear Boutique has focussed on selling gorgeous lingerie and swimwear. Knowing that Parisian and Belgian fashion houses understand the female form, Gabriella Sandham chose lingerie from designer brands such as Prima Donna, Marie Jo, Chantelle, Empreinte, Andres Sarda and more. Scouring the globe for the world’s best beach and swimwear, Gabriella Sandham found that countries like Australia, with its outdoor lifestyle, knew how to produce the perfect swimwear so the shop ensures a full range of products from ‘down under’ and elsewhere are always in stock.

    Stocking lingerie and swimwear soon led to an expansion of the shop’s range of nightwear and loungewear, so Gabriella Sandham now stocks everything from intimate silk and satin negligées to cosy pyjamas that you’ll never want to remove.

    In the early days, before the online business took off, Gabriella Sandham was a warm and welcoming boutique, which offered a personalised service to its local clientele. Now the website attracts customers from around the world who receive just the same personal service. With its aim of being the ‘best online lingerie and swimwear shop near me’, customers from all over London and beyond know that Gabriella Sandham is just a click away.

    Special attention:

    Luxury doesn’t always come at a high price, however. Gabriella Sandham makes sure to offer all Lingerie & Swimwear at an affordable price and often has special offers and great deals, which are promoted on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as well as on the website.

    With years of experience in identifying the latest fashion trends and recognising quality, Gabriella Sandham goes to designer houses across France, Belgium and Spain to curate its lingerie shelves and web pages. Lingerie brands such as Prima Donna, Marie Jo, Andrés Sardà and Chantelle are always favourites so that customers are guaranteed to find exquisite items of underwear for every occasion.

    Now that we are becoming more aware of the benefits of exercise, there’s also a growing demand for sportswear and customers of the shop and the website know they’ll find the perfect supportive sports bras, shorts and leggings.

    There are also the times when we want to look our absolute best and Gabriella Sandham stocks a complete range of shapewear to suit every budget and occasion. And when the occasion calls for an outfit that requires minimal underwear, Gabriella Sandham is the best place to find ‘barely there’ support garments. Combine this with a vast selection of the world’s most exclusive hosiery, and Gabriella Sandham makes sure every special occasion is guaranteed to be extra special.

    Now that holidays are back on the agenda, swimwear has become a year-round purchase and Gabriella Sandham is your first choice for the best swimwear available. Innovative brands such as Australia’s Seafolly and Jets have one pieces, bikinis and cover ups that are designed to ensure you’re the belle of the beach!

    World class Swimwear :

    Not only that, but these brands help make Gabriella Sandham’s commitment to sustainability even easier. Many of the garments produced by Seafolly and Jets are made from recycled materials enabling you to look amazing and do your bit for the planet.

  2. Bra & Pants Recycling for Charity

    Bra & Pants Recycling for Charity

    Smalls beginnings, big impact

    At Gabriella Sandham we’re very keen on protecting the environment and sustainability and have recently chosen to partner with a charity that helps to reduce waste. Smalls for All collects and distributes underwear to help adults and children in Africa and the UK.

    Donating pants and bras may seem a small thing but it can have a life-changing impact. Donations are sent to orphanages, slums, refugee camps, schools and hospitals in Africa and some people can also earn an income by selling the underwear to others. The charity’s donations are also well received by school uniform banks and charities supporting homeless people in the UK too.

    You’d be surprised how often you have underwear to give away – children grow quickly, fashions change and our bust sizes can fluctuate so easily. So if you have any new or washed gently used bras you wish to donate, or any new children’s or men’s pants, simply drop them into us and we will send them on. The shop is open for donations between 10.30am and 6pm Mon-Sat. If you’re not local, you can package your undies and send them to us at Gabriella Sandham Lingerie & Swimwear , 161 Lavender Hill, Battersea, London SW11 5QH and we will send them on.

    Should you wish to make a purchase on the day of your donation 10% discount is applied to your bill

    0207 223 5558

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