Maternity Measuring

Maternity Measuring

As soon as you become pregnant, you’ll begin to notice your breasts changing and in the first two months of pregnancy, the changes will be dramatic. Your torso will also change and it’s advisable to be professionally measured as soon as possible. At Gabriella Sandham, we offer a professional fitting service for just £20 for each new customer. And when you purchase a bra from our shop or website, the £20 will be deducted from the price.

We recommend that you are measured every two months during your pregnancy. Our maternity bras are the perfect shape as the bra needs to be full cup with a wide central band, with wide shoulder straps and side wings. The ideal bra should also be non-padded to avoid rubbing against your nipples, which will also be changing. Most importantly, your bra needs to protect you against damage to the breast tissue and lymph nodes.

Six to seven months into your pregnancy, we advise you choose bras without underwiring, padding or moulding – ideally, you should have at least two of these.

At around eight months, it’s time to choose your nursing bras that should be the suitable size to carry you through the whole breast-feeding period. Nursing bras can be underwired as long as they are comfortable for you.

Your breasts will maintain the same size for as long as you are breast-feeding and for around six weeks after you stop. It is around this time that we recommend you are measured again when we can advise you about the correct size and style of bra that will ensure you’re ready for the rigours of motherhood!

Returning customers will not be charged the initial £20 fee.