Pre And Post Cosmetic Surgery

Pre And Post Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re planning to have cosmetic surgery for breast uplift, enhancement or reduction, you’ll need to know what size you are before having the conversations with your chosen surgeon. That’s why it pays to be professionally measured so that you know your starting point.This should ideally take place around 6 weeks prior to your procedure.

At Gabriella Sandham, we offer a professional bra fitting service for just £20 for each new customer. And, when you purchase a bra from our shop or website, the £20 will be deducted from the price. This is worthwhile as, post-surgery, you will need to wear a good quality soft, supportive non-wired bra or a sports bra. Alternatively, your surgeon may advise you to wear a post-surgery bra.

Recovery rates will vary but these supportive bras will need to be worn for around 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, so two or three sports bras in basic colours should see you through this period.

These high impact bras should have a wide central band, thick shoulder straps and wide side wings to provide the maximum support while your delicate breasts recover. They should also fasten at the back or at the front – never choose a bra that needs to be put on over your head. The most important tip to bear in mind is that you should never wear an underwired bra while recovering. Not only can the wiring irritate the incision site, after augmentation, it can also affect the positioning of the implants.

Of course, once you’ve had the sign-off from your surgeon and you’re ready to make the most of your new shape, we invite you to pop back to be measured again and fitted with some of our gorgeous lingerie brands.

Returning customers will not be charged the initial £20 fee.