The Teenager's First Bras

The Teenager's First Bras

Both you and your teenage girl will be aware when her breasts begin to change. She’ll notice alterations to the breast tissue and to the nipple areola. It’s important for your daughter to start her life as a woman as she means to go on and, at Gabriella Sandham, this is when she should be measured for the first time. We offer a professional fitting service for just £20 for each new customer. And when you purchase a bra from our shop or website, the £20 will be deducted from the price.

The ideal first bra is a simple T-shirt style without underwiring and with plenty of support for the growing breast tissue. Wearing the correct bra during this crucial early growth period will help to avoid the breasts becoming pendulous later in life. Choose a couple of suitable bras in basic colours as your teenage girl should be measured at least four times a year while she’s still growing.

The bra brands we would recommend include Boobs and Bloomers or Marie Jo.

When it’s clear that the growth has slowed or stopped completely, now is the time she can start thinking about some of the pretty, feminine bras that can form the basis for her new lingerie drawer.

Returning customers will not be charged the initial £20 fee.